Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How amazing is Jennifer Laurens?

And she's so pretty too. =D

I've read her books Falling for Romeo and Heavenly and let me just say that she can make you get in touch with your inner self. I had to do a little introspection after reading FFR. It makes you wonder what you were like in high school and this book brought back some hilarious memories involving me, my crush at the time and a soccer ball. Lol

Jennifer's new book Overprotected released last month.and I'm dying to read it. I hate the fact that my bookstore doesn't stock her books. They'd go flying off the shelves!

Jennifer also writes under the pen name J. M. Warwick. 
While you're checking out Overprotected don't forget to check out A Season of Eden. Very interesting story line. I've not read it as yet but from reading various reviews I gather this is another piece of awesome-ness!!! I mean forbidden love = double thumbs up and a fist bump. =D

And isn't this cover gorgeous!! I'd buy it for the cover alone. 

Now for a bonus - Jennifer is giving away 25 copies of both books by surprise tweets and message on Twitter and Facebook. Trust me you don't wanna miss the chance. You can read about the rules here which is on her blog. 

Jennifer is one of the most generous authors I've come across. Don't forget to thank her. 



  1. Well, this is a GREAT way to start off my day! Thank you for this flattering, fun post and I'd LOVE to hear more about the soccer ball!

  2. hehe....the guys from my class were playing soccer while the girls were just hanging out near the field during recess. Someone (i'm still trying to figure out who) kicked the ball and it came flying towards my head. I ducked but managed to trip over my own feet and fell on my butt. HE came towards me and I thought he was actually trying to help me get up. I grabbed his hand, got up and thanked him. Turns out he just came to get the ball back. *awkward*

  3. That's a classic *awk teen moment* LOVE IT! So glad you shared it with me.

  4. Oh Clary! You fun,fabulous, girl! this could only happen to you. :) great blog
    Shannon C