Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Poison Diaries : Nightshade Contest (International)

Author Maryrose Wood and the Poison Diaries team are hosting a contest where you can win a signed copy of Nightshade (Poison Diaries #2) through my blog. :)

The Poison Diaries team are very active on their social network sites;  they run lots of promotions, share lots of exclusive content including original artwork and in depth information about plants and poisons.

How to enter:  


Website -  Enter their website and find the plant Arum Maculstumadd it to the ‘my poison diary’ and share it via Twitter mentioning that Clarissa from When C Babbles sent you. 

Twitter -  Follow and send a @reply to @poisondiaries and @ClaryPereira mentioning this contest, winning a 'signed copy'  of the book and that Clarissa from When C Babbles sent you. 
OR just copy and tweet the following message - ‘@poisondiaries @ClaryPereira I want to win a signed copy of Nightshade by Maryrose Wood. Sent by Clarissa from When C Babbles.'

Facebook -  Like The Poison Diaries page and mention the contest and that Clarissa from When C Babbles sent you. 

Contest Ends on 14 Nov 

Entering through any of these networks and mentioning me and my blog doesn't win me anything. Its just a way to let the Poison Diaries team keep a track of the entries.

I hope you enter and win this amazing book. Good luck! 


  1. Hi Twin! I just entered! I was worried I was going to miss the deadline so I entered today xD I love the site where you have to find the various plants, that's hella cool! (: It took me a while to find the plant though, I fail xD