Saturday, February 25, 2012

30 Days of The Hunger Games Day 2

We will be doing our own Hunger Games, except without the killing and the cruelty of it all (: This might get a little complicated, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

There's gonna be a special prize pack (see below), so c'mon guys, play along!! ;) 

If you choose to enter, you must have a capitol identification card, if you don't have one, go to this site to make one:
It basically assigns you to a district, so it's like you're living in Panem as well. If you already have one, be sure to find it because you're going to need it (: 

Ok, so to say this in simpler way, I will list these easy steps:

1. To enter, you must have a capitol ID card, go to this site if you do not have one:

If you do have one, awesome! (: Here's what mine looks like:

(Please like the page first!) Post your capitol ID on the wall of the page and at the end WoW will save all of them and put them in one album! Please comment below the picture stating your name and what your district is.

3Reaping Day: March 1! WoW will be using to pick one boy and one girl tribute from each district. Now it all depends on how many people decide to enter from each district. 

After reaping day, We will give you more information on how the people will be eliminated.

All you need to do for now is get a capitol ID and post it on the World of Words facebook page's wall

Oh! and one more thing..remember during reaping day how the tributes get their name put in the reaping ball multiple times to feed their families? Well in this HG, you'd actually WANT to get your name in the ball multiple times. How, you ask?

Well all you have to do is visit each blog and leave a comment on their Hunger Games post! You may only do this ONCE, so if a blog posted more then one HG post, you can comment as many as you want AS LONG AS IT'S APART OF THE 30 DAYS OF HG EVENT! So basically, one comment per post! On your comment, please leave your name (the one on your capital id) and what district you're from. You may comment on Day 1 and Day 2 and anything after that, but any comments after February 29 will not count for the reaping, since the reaping is on March 1. This goes for the other blogs as well.

Oh and of course for the person who is the last man or woman standing at the end, gets a special prize pack:

1 of each bookmark, design made by the lovely Andrea and printed out by Krissy: 

Pretty cool right? :)

The Hunger Games Tribute Guide

A Hunger Games Poster

This is the only prize that will differ, depending on whether you're U.S. or International.

For U.S.: 
You will get ONE FREE TICKET to go see the Hunger Games movie! Yes, you heard me! (As long as you have an AMC theatre near you)

For International:
Since WoW can not give you a free movie ticket to see The Hunger Games, They decided to give you guys a mockingjay pin!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

here is a list of the blogs:


  1. this is fun i post my Id on facebook enter me Veronika Briseno Distric 10

    flaka.077 at gmail dot com

  2. Shaina Jachim- District 9

    This is fun! :D

  3. I entered! Happy Hunger Games everyone!!

    Jessica Sutton District 10

  4. This is an amazing competition!!

    Danielle Holgate, District 9

  5. Happy Hunger games!

    Marla Calalo - District 6